“Black adults are three (3) times as likely to die prematurely from stroke as Whites, a finding that’s more pronounced in Black Women.  Hypertension and Smoking are found to be the risk factors for premature death from heart disease and stroke.”

The disparities in heart disease and stroke, two diseases which account for 24% of all premature deaths (before age 65) among adults in New York City.  Consequently, Black women are 2.4 times as likely to die from heart disease than White women and 5.6 times likely as Asian/Pacific Islander women.  Black adults have more than three (3) times the early death rate from stroke as compared to Whites and nearly two times the rate as compared to Latinos.

Heart disease and stroke can be prevented by incorporating simple lifestyle changes that will reduce the risk factors;  (1) getting a handle on uncontrolled high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) and by quitting smoking.  Consequently,  one in four adult New Yorkers (1.8 million adults) reported that they have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Hence, controlling high blood pressure has become crucial in saving the lives of adult Blacks in New York and New Yorkers should have their blood pressure checked regularly at a doctor’s office or pharmacy.  Another important step in preventing heart disease and stroke is that New Yorkers should quit smoking.  Lastly, maintaining a healthy weight, eating meals that’s low in salt, and staying physically active are all important milestones for anyone that’s serious about improving their health!

Let’s take a moment to answer a few quick questions that will help determine the impact your lifestyle has had on your heart.   Next, take the following quiz to see how much you know about Cardiac Rehabilitation.  Its all fun, but it’s also meant to save lives.