About Prince Hall Medical Foundation

In 2010, under the leadership of Most Worshipful Gregory R. Smith Sr, Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons of New York State, The Prince Hall Medical Foundation was established. The Prince Hall Medical Foundation is committed to improving its members’ and constituents’ quality of life and life expectancy through health education, health promotion, and health awareness. The Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness about African American health disparities through health education and prevention activities. His vision was to galvanize the organization, caregivers, and donor organizations to respond to the medical needs in communities across the state through advocacy, health fairs, and partnering to secure health services.

The Prince Hall Medical Foundation health education and awareness strategies include partnering with community-based organizations, academic institutions, health care institutions, and health professionals. The Foundation’s partnerships have produced annual health fairs, health seminars, and blood donation drives.

The Prince Hall Medical Foundation also collaborates and partners with local community-based institutions to identify and distribute health education resources that address the broader community health education and awareness needs.

The Prince Hall Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. All funds donated assist mission delivery and our provision of services.

Board of Directors

Gavin M. Maxwell


Aloha Powell

Vice President

Larry Clark


Margo Abraham


Board Members

Brandon Carmouche
Cassandra Duff
Tracyavon Ford
Paul Henderson
Margaret McGruder-Collins

Aloha Powell
Milton Reynolds
Julia Thompson
Taya Vilmar
Nakeeta Wills
Loretta Wilson-Cousin
Gregory R Smith

Dr. Maurice O. Franklin
Dr. Dexter McKenzie, MD
Dr. Kamal Nayar, MD

Our Services

The principle service areas of the foundation are focused on providing information and increasing awareness on diabetes, diet and exercise, hypertension, cholesterol, bone marrow, prostate cancer, and breast cancer screenings, as well as AIDS/HIV testing, and blood donations.

Support PHMF

To insure the success of the initiatives of the Prince Hall Medical Foundation, support is needed from those who are willing to be committed, engaged, informed and motivated to improving the health of their family, members of the community as well as their own health. There are many ways you can make your contribution to this worthy cause

The Prince Hall Medical Foundation, Inc.

454 Prince Hall Plaza (West 155th Street)
New York, NY 10032

Email: info@princehallmedicalfoundation.org
Phone: 212 858 9558