The Food, Fitness & Fun Fair

Success Through Partnership and Commitment

On November 7th, 2015, the Prince Hall Medical Foundation (PHMF) will partner with Health Education And Literacy (H.E.A.L.), Inc. to once again to promote a health and wellness event called the "Food, Fitness & Fun Fair."

This event imbued the Harlem community with valuable information on the importance and unique beauty of healthy living. Some of the more rigorous focuses delved into healthy food preparation, the significance of nutritious ingredients, exploring a range of exercise options for varying fitness levels, offering insight from professionals in the vegetarian nutrition facilities, behavioral health facilities, sports apparel facilities, medical insurance facilities, and family focused fitness facilities – all of whom were dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness of individuals and families in our community.

The event was hosted at the Prince Hall Masonic Grand Lodge located at 454 Prince Hall Plaza (155th Street) in Harlem. It was well-attended and enthusiastically supported by corporate sponsors that included the following:

  • The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of New York under the leadership and direction of Grand Master Dorian R. Glover, Esq.
  • Fairway Supermarkets – Shanice Talley
  • Fresh Direct Supermarkets – Larry Blackmon Jr.
  • Super Runner Shop - Jovan D. Zow, District Manager
  • Health & Wellness Specialist - Dennis Berry
  • Beatriz Rodriguez, Psychotherapist
  • The Harlem YMCA on 135th Street
  • Food Without Fire - Sheila Small, Creator & Curator
  • MuddJuice – Melissa Mereau & AkeelSudlow, Owners
  • Coffee Connoisseur - Kevin Frank
  • United Healthcare
  • Black Nurses Association of New York - Bernice Simmons

Through countless awareness campaigns, Prince Hall Medical Foundation President, Edward D. Swire, and Executive Director, John J. Phillips, worked tirelessly throughout the year to perpetuate the legacy set forth by the Most Worshipful Gregory R. Smith, Sr., Past Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons of New York State. Past Grand Master Smith recognized the need for addressing the quality of health of the Masonic Membership and to provide mechanisms to address them. His vision was to galvanize the members of the organization, caregivers, and donor organizations to respond to the medical needs in communities across the state through advocacy, health fairs, and partnering to secure health services.

Through the creation, development and implementation of various outreach programs, the Prince Hall Medical Foundation is dedicated to its vision of healthful empowerment. It is a vision of partnering with organizations, services and health professionals who are committed to assist in establishing local resources, addressing the medical needs of the underserved. Since its inception, these partnerships have produced annual health fairs, seminars, and blood donation drives that benefit the community.

The Food Fitness & Fun Fair event is the product of one such partnership. As a collaborative effort, the PHMF and Health Awareness & You proved to be a huge success. HA&Y is an initiative of the newly incorporated not-for-profit entity, Health Education And Literacy (H.E.A.L.), Inc. H.E.A.L., Inc. will continue to help individuals and communities live better lives through health education and provide a stronger awareness of the impact that health literacy has on the lives of people. H.E.A.L., Inc. will also continue to bring relevant, simplistic information to individuals so that they can make better choices and well-informed decisions about the food they eat, the importance of exercise, and how it plays a crucial, life-saving role in their everyday existence.

Founded by Delsheda Khanii in 2013, HA&Y was established to raise awareness about the exponential increase and negative impact that diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol have on our community. With the assistance of Lisa Gibson, Vice President, HA&Y has established and implemented several life-transformative activities that bring awareness to common health concerns of the community—life-transformative activities that take action to bring about healthy lifestyle change.

President Swire has proudly committed to continue the partnership with Ms. Khanii in promoting the Health Awareness & You initiative by announcing that The Food, Fitness & Fun Fair will take place again on November 7, 2015 at the Grand East. Through this partnership, both entities are excited about hosting the event, ensuring that valuable information and services will be offered to participants. This salubrious knowledge will help them live more wholesome lifestyles, channeled through better nutritional choices and a higher awareness of health and wellness resources available to them.

Written by Lisa A. Gibson
Edited by Danielle Buckery

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